Supervising Sound Editor

Home Town: Garden Grove, CA
First Concert: Steve Martin and The Blues Brothers

“We’re storytellers. We just tell our stories with sound. If it’s creating an atmosphere for a different planet, creating creature vocals, or finding the right wind to convey the loneliness that the character may be feeling, we think through every choice we make.”Baker Landers first displayed an affinity for sound at age eleven when her parents gave her a tape recorder. She would walk around her house and make up stories just through sound effects. While studying Film at California State University at Long Beach, she impressed sound designers Richard Anderson and Mark Mangini, and they hired her to work at their company. In the early days of her career she met Per Hallberg. Realizing that they worked very well together, they began a professional partnership that has lasted over 25 years. Baker Landers appreciates having a colleague like Hallberg to bounce ideas off of. While she frequently supervises her own projects, she still enjoys collaborating with him whenever possible. Baker Landers was selected for Variety’s Women’s Impact List in 2013, and she is the first woman to ever win two Academy Awards for Sound Editing.

Select Credits

Supervising Sound Editor Sergio Greg Barker Netflix
Supervising Sound Editor The House with a Clock in its Walls Eli Roth Universal
Supervising Sound Editor Skyscraper Rawson Marshall Thurber Universal
Supervising Sound Editor Dumplin' Anne Fletcher COTA Films
Supervising Sound Editor Robin Hood Otto Bathurst Lionsgate
Select Awards / Nominations

Academy Award Winner Skyfall Best Achievement In Sound Editing

BAFTA Award Nominee Black Hawk Down

Golden Reel Nominee The Bourne Identity

Golden Reel Nominee Seabiscuit

Golden Reel Nominee The Bourne Supremacy