Re-Recording Mixer

Home Town: Beaverton, OR
First Concert: Count Basie Orchestra

“Having been a musician all my life, sound has always been a huge part of my work and art. Getting the chance to collaborate with great Directors and Sound editors is a fantastic thing to be a part of. I love being creative and watching a film come together with a great mix!” Ron Bartlett started in the film business in sound editorial working on such films as “Die Hard”, “Total Recall”, “Star Trek V” as well as “Beauty and the Beast”. He then focused on mixing with Quentin Tarantino’s first film, “Reservoir Dogs”. Since then, he has collaborated with directors that include Cameron Crowe, Ridley Scott, Michael Mann and Ang Lee, as well as many others. Some of his films include “Sherlock Holmes”, “The Fifth Element”, “Jesse James”, “Black Mas”s and “8 Mile”. Bartlett was nominated for a BAFTA as well as an Academy Award for Best Sound for his work on “Life of Pi”. Additionally, he has composed original film scores and albums. Bartlett has also performed live music in such notable venues as The Whiskey, The Roxy and The Ford Theatre. He continues to use his musical sensibilities in his work as a Re-recording mixer.

Select Credits

Re-Recording Mixer Us Jordan Peele Universal
Re-Recording Mixer Christmas Chronicles Clay Kaytis Netflix
Re-Recording Mixer Robin Hood Otto Bathurst Lionsgate
Re-Recording Mixer Operation Finale Chris Weitz MGM
Re-Recording Mixer My Dinner with Hervé Sacha Gervasi HBO
Select Awards / Nominations

Academy Award Nominee Blade Runner 2049

BAFTA Award Nominee Blade Runner 2049

Academy Award Nominee Life of Pi Best Achievement In Sound Mixing

BAFTA Award Nominee Life of Pi Best Sound

CAS Award Nominee Heat