Music Editor

Home Town: Amsterdam, Netherlands
First Concert: Earth, Wind & Fire

As an award-winning music editor with over two decades of experience, Fernand Bos is proud that, when working on a film, "every single piece of music goes through my hands." He has lent his skilled touch to an incredible range of projects, from Oscar-winning musicals (Frozen, Crazy Heart) to action blockbusters (Ant-Man). Fernand didn't move from his home country of the Netherlands to Los Angeles to become a music editor—he was a professional bassist who wrote and performed with artists from bands such as Earth Wind & Fire and Supertramp. Fernand studied both music and engineering in the Netherlands before attending Musicians Institute, where he graduated with honors and received the award for Outstanding Bass Player. Playing on sessions in LA, it wasn't long before the composers he worked with recognized Fernand's natural knack for music editing: a combination of musical experience, technological skill, and a unique ability to read the room made him perfect for the job. Fernand won a Golden Reel Award for his first project as a full-time music editor, The Big Easy. Since then, the self-taught music editor has received five more Golden Reel Awards, including two in 2004 (Cold Mountain, A Mighty Wind). In 2011, he was invited to become a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Innately comfortable with computers, Fernand learned programming for fun as a teenager and has helped create music editing software widely used today. But it's his passion for music that makes Fernand one of the foremost music editors in the world. "Music editing is not about ProTools, it's about the music," he says. "I don't care if it's done on tape, written down, or if you do it on your iPhone. It's about making a good musical decision." Fernand's good musical decisions have led to years of collaboration with composers and directors such as T Bone Burnett, Christopher Guest, Bobby and Peter Farrelly, and Christophe Beck.

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Music Editor TROLLS Mike Mitchell DreamWorks Animation
Music Editor THE PEANUTS MOVIE Steve Martino 20th Century Fox Animation
Music Editor ANT-MAN Peyton Reed Marvel Studios
Music Editor EDGE OF TOMORROW Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee Warner Bros.
Music Editor FROZEN Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee Walt Disney Animation Studios
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Golden Reel Nominee THE PEANUTS MOVIE best sound editing

Golden Reel Winner FROZEN best sound editing

Golden Reel Winner COUNTRY STRONG best sound editing

Golden Reel Nominee CRAZY HEART best sound editing

Golden Reel Nominee WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORYs best sound editing