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Sitting in San Francisco’s beloved Coronet Theater at the age of seven, Erich was swept into a galaxy far, far away that George Lucas and John Williams created and so powerfully presented in 70MM 6-Track Dolby Stereo. He was forever hooked on film and how much of its story is told through one’s ears. Erich spent his high school and college years weaving music performance and sound+music for drama in and around studies, finally landing at the Sound & Music Design program at Yale Drama School. After school, time spent at American Zoetrope, The Saul Zaentz Film Center and Skywalker Sound taught him about modern film post-production from some of the filmmakers who were legendary in his youth and still are today. Having been an LA-based music editor for 12+ years, all Erich's past experiences have brought him to where he feels he belongs. The job of a music editor requires wearing a few different hats: musical, technical, organizational, political and sometimes therapeutic. Every project requires a different balance… and perhaps a new trick or two! Every project has its gems, but Erich feels truly blessed to have been a part of some wonderful soundtracks: Life Of Pi, Begin Again, Age Of Adaline, Apocalypse Now Redux.

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Music Editor THE BREADWINNER Nora Twomey GKids / Aircraft Pictures
Music Editor THE MUMMY Alex Kurtzman
Music Editor STORKS Nicholas Stoller & Doug Sweetland Warner Bros
Music Editor THE GOOD DINOSAUR Peter Sohn Pixar Animation Studios
Music Editor THE AGE OF ADALINE Lee Toland Krieger Lakeshore Entertainment
Select Awards / Nominations

Golden Reel Nominee THE BREADWINNER Best Sound Editing And Music: Animation - Feature Film

Grammy Award Nominee THE GOOD DINOSAUR Best Sound Editing And Music: Animation - Feature Film

Golden Reel Nominee TROLLS Best Sound Editing - Music In A Musical Feature Film

Golden Reel Winner LIFE OF PI Best Sound Editing - Music In A Feature Film