Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

Home Town: Boston, MA
First Concert:

“Having grown up a musician guitarist, I am avowed of the idea that all organized sound is "music". I see my work in movies every bit a composition as those of Beethoven and the Beatles. I just happen to use dissonance, specious melodic content and arrhythmia to it's fullest advantage. My works are no less considered, designed, creative or manipulative. They just aren't hummable.” A Boston native, Mark Mangini was a foreign language major in college, and intended on becoming an interpreter at the U.N. until he could no longer ignore his love of film and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. Mangini’s first job in entertainment was as a cartoon sound editor at Hanna Barbera Studios. He then had a twenty-five year run as owner and operator of post-production sound company Weddington Productions Inc. Now as a Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, and Re-recording mixer at Formosa Features, and Musician and Lecturer, Mangini continues to make his life’s work creating unimagined aural worlds and fabricated sonic realities for theatrical motion pictures.

Select Credits

Supervising Sound Editor Torrance Ganin O'Connor Warner Bros
Supervising Sound Editor Christmas Chronicles Clay Kaytis Netflix
Re-Recording Mixer Tag Jeff Tomsic New Line Cinema
Re-Recording Mixer Arctic Joe Penna Armory Films
Supervising Sound Editor Blade Runner 2049 Denis Villeneuve Sony Pictures
Select Awards / Nominations

Academy Award Nominee Blade Runner 2049

Golden Reel Nominee The Green Mile

Golden Reel Nominee Space Jam

Golden Reel Winner The Flintstones

Golden Reel Winner Beauty and the Beast