Re-Recording Mixer

Home Town: Toronto, Canada
First Concert: Supertramp

“Through sound we can guide the audience’s eye, amplify emotion and transport them to another reality. With skill and sensitivity the art of film sound enables the film maker to most effectively convey to the audience the intended experience.”Koyama has over two decades of experience as a sound re-recording mixer. A native of Toronto, he attended the University of Toronto, majoring in Engineering Physics. He began his career as a musician and recording engineer. After shifting from the music studio world, Koyama spent 12 years at the Deluxe sound facility in Toronto, mixing for film and television. He joined Formosa Features after over a decade of work at the Universal, Sony, and Todd-AO. His over 100 feature credits cover a gamut of studio and independent productions and a wide range of genres. From action to comedy to drama, Academy Award nominated Koyama has exhibited versatility and expertise that compliment his calm demeanor.

Select Credits

Re-Recording Mixer John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum Chad Stahelski Lionsgate
Re-Recording Mixer Five Feet Apart Justin Baldoini CBS Films
Re-Recording Mixer Late Night Nisha Ganatra Sony
Re-Recording Mixer Hellfest Gregory Plotkin CBS Films
Re-Recording Mixer Pandas David Douglas, Drew Fellman IMAX
Select Awards / Nominations

HPA Award Nominee John Wick: Chapter 2 Outstanding Sound - Feature Film

Academy Award Nominee Lone Survivor Best Achievement In Sound Mixing

CAS Award Nominee Lone Survivor Best Achievement In Sound Mixing

CAS Award Nominee Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Outstanding Achievement In Sound Mixing

Golden Reel Winner Love Best Sound Editing, Direct To Video