Leigh Kotkin Director Music Editorial

Leigh Kotkin brings over 25 years of music business management experience to his position as Director of Music Editorial at Formosa Music. A native Angelino, Leigh began his music business career as Senior Financial Analyst at Capitol Records before moving on to Berry Gordy’s Jobete Music Publishing, where he served as Director of Finance. Leigh’s passion for film, music and theater led him to music editorial company Modern Music in 1996, where as General Manager and then Managing Director he helped to establish the company as a strong and independent force in the field of film music editing.

As a founder of Formosa Music, Leigh is shaping a company whose personnel can excel in today’s landscape of diverse production needs. Leigh works closely with postproduction supervisors, music supervisors, and studio music departments to assure the best match between each production and Formosa’s group of highly accomplished music editors. Leigh has also carefully assembled a strong and experienced support team that provides Formosa’s editors with technological and creative assistance, allowing the editors to focus on their work while ensuring they can achieve excellent results quickly and seamlessly. Leigh’s mission at Formosa Music is to provide an environment in which music editors and production companies can both thrive, working together to shape music for picture.