Carl Kaller Music Editor
As a student of literature and art, it occurred to me that film might be my fusion medium, and at an early age found myself in the filmmaking house of Robert Altman. There, I discovered film editing, sound editing and music editing. What started as a summer gig turned into a career, and the pleasure of working with the most interesting musicians and directors of several generations. From James Newton Howard, Eminem, and Ramin Djawadi, to John Hughes, Curtis Hansen, and Shawn Levy.

Each film I work on is like stepping into a unique world that only exists in the artists mind, my goal is to inhabit that world and make an emotional connection that will resonate. The only plan I bring to the table is the desire to work, and to do so with rhythm and passion. I keep an open mind to trends, and also to the ongoing challenges and questions I see people asking or attempting to address. I always think through what I’m chasing, and what the takeaway will be. I don’t work against an outline. I go with a feeling and let it evolve naturally. I think about the outcome as I go to make sure there is value at the end.

Music is a language, it has an incredible narrative power that can transport you anywhere. When that energy is properly applied to a film it’s palpable, it will reach out and touch you.

I am a music editor, and I am doing what I love most.
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MOLLY'S GAME Aaron Sorkin ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US Morgan Spurlock SAVAGES Oliver Stone ZOMBIELAND Ruben Fleischer 8 MILE Curtis Hanson VANILLA SKY Cameron Crowe ALMOST FAMOUS Cameron Crowe JERRY MAGUIRE Cameron Crowe HIGHER LEARNING John Singleton NATURAL BORN KILLERS Oliver Stone THE DOORS Oliver Stone SAY ANYTHING Cameron Crowe


2003 Golden Reel Award Nomination 8 Mile Best Sound Editing - Music in a Musical Feature Film 2002 Golden Reel Award Nomination Vanilla Sky Best Sound Editing - Music - Feature Film, Domestic and Foreign 2001 Golden Reel Award Winner Almost Famous Best Sound Editing - Music - Feature Film, Domestic and Foreign