Adam Blau Film Music Specialist and Archivist

Adam Blau manages the vast collection of film, television, and video game scores at Formosa, as well as advises the editors as they assemble temp scores and place production music in their projects.

Formosa’s music collection spans the length of film music history, and includes scores both archival and current. Comprised of soundtrack releases, complete unreleased scores, and rerecordings of classic scores, the database is an invaluable tool for our music editors as they shape the musical tone of a film. Adam maintains and acquires scores for this collection, ensuring that the editors are able to quickly and easily find the cues they need to create temp scores across all genres. Adam consults with the editors as they begin new projects and assists them throughout the process, working with them to discover hidden gems and consider different perspectives.

A composer in his own right, Adam has penned and recorded score and songs for film, television, and theater. Adam is the composer for FXX’s widely-hailed You’re the Worst, and he has composed title and credits pieces for Billy on the Street on TruTV and Web Therapy on Showtime, among others. He is the songwriter behind the Fred Rogers Center’s acclaimed “Everyday Grooves” series of songs for early childhood, as well as the composer for several of the Center’s iOS games. Adam has composed music for feature films including License to Wed, Phoebe in Wonderland, and the award-winning score to Fuzz Track City. Adam composed cult theater favorite “Monica! the Musical” and arranged/orchestrated music for the forthcoming comedy “Nerds.” He is also a sucker for television shows and music from the 1970s.