We’re a cutting edge game audio company specializing in interactive, linear, AR/VR, and object-oriented spatial audio services. Whatever your audio needs are, our extensive core team scales to support all projects in interactive entertainment, and leads the way with cost effective solutions.

From concept to launch, we are your source for best-in-class voice recording services. Our veteran team utilizes an expansive pool of talent, directors, and performers in the heart of the entertainment industry to cast, record, edit and implement dialog for your AAA, VR, Mobile, or indie game. With state of the art facilities in West Los Angeles and Burbank, we offer ADR, facial motion capture, and multi-talent records all with high end client services and a boutique feel. Using proprietary recording techniques and the most experienced engineers in the industry, we record performance capture audio directly from the stage, and specialize in seamlessly matching it with in-studio recordings. We provide comprehensive project management services for both Union and Non-Union projects, including contract negotiations, talent payments, scheduling and in-depth script preparation.

Erica Mehallo:  “We stretch past the status quo and innovate when capturing a perfect performance that brings our client’s stories to life. We use uncommon mic techniques, pre-amp pairings, and room setups geared toward total actor engagement. We want to bring our clients into the process, as the best results come from close collaboration.”
Our team of award-winning sound supervisors and designers focuses on creative strategy and delivers an arsenal of custom sounds for every project. Having impacted some of the largest game IPs in history, we have a proven approach that delivers for projects of any size or scope. Leading development teams rely on our design, editorial, foley, mixing, field recording, and sound integration to get projects to the next level. Our team continues to pave the way with the highest quality content with celebrated results.

Shannon Potter:  “Our team drives from a place of uncompromising aesthetic excellence. From footsteps to explosions, we believe in our clients’ vision and deliver thrilling results every time”
Our music team is holistic in its approach, representing client interests across creative development and production milestones. With years of experience driving end-to-end music pipelines, we deliver strategy, production, budget development, original composition and interactive systems. From a 100 piece orchestra to a completely digital virtualization, our team composes and arranges interactive scores and themes that capture the emotional heart of the game. We record with the AFM, UK MU or any ensemble of your choice. Our primary musical goal and responsibility to our clients is to ensure that the story and narrative beats are heightened and propelled forward.

Paul Lipson:  “Music is the emotional fuel for narrative and often defines iconic games for years after release. We support our clients’ vision by producing scores that endure, building fans and franchises.”
We establish effective pipelines for every project that creates trusted extensions of internal team workflows. Early and close collaboration with developers and publishers is a core value at Formosa Interactive. We are fluent with major game engines and our clients’ first-party and proprietary tools. While utilizing leading middleware and engine solutions such as Wwise, FMOD, ADX2, UE4, Unity, and Lumberyard, we leverage industry standard versioning software and source control like P4 and SVN. Engagement with our Assets and Integration team ensures quality across linear and non-linear contexts on every project – improving production efficiency and delivering a more dynamic sound experience.

Judy Lee:  “Implementation is not only essential for interactive audio design, it is one of the core creative tools. Having our designers plugged into the development pipeline allows for a more efficient and higher quality end result”
With the rise of new platform innovations in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Formosa Interactive has become the go-to source for spatialized and runtime audio content and integration. Taking a system-agnostic approach, our team works with all the major end points and platforms to provide spatialized audio. Using the latest ambisonic recording techniques, HRTF playback technologies, middleware plugins, and close partnerships with the leading immersive audio technology providers, we add realism, depth and contextual awareness to augmented and virtual worlds of all sizes.

Kris Larson:  “The stakes are much higher for AR/VR content and implementation because the audio component is so essential for creating a believable world. Our ability to tightly synchronize and iterate with development teams allows us to implement high quality assets with faster turnaround, creating a truly immersive experience.”
Our depth of experience gives our clients a customized approach to creating the perfect mix. We offer linear mixing as well as extensive balancing in leading middleware. With our suite of best-in-class mixing stages, featuring immersive audio multichannel formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS X, we have rooms, rigs, and mix environments that can scale to any project size and scope.

Chad Bedell:  “My goal when mixing is to focus all audio elements to immerse the audience into the story on screen bringing your project to life.”
We adapt multimedia content to a target language, local culture, and regional market to reach global audiences. Led by our seasoned team of localization producers, we partner with in-territory resources including experienced translators, actors, directors and high-end recording studios. Our strong project management team is celebrated for their prompt communication, reliability, and accuracy. We provide quality and affordable translation services and language solutions to ensure jobs are completed on time, on budget and to our signature high standards. Our translators are trained linguists specializing in video games, and work with terminology, glossary creation, translation, and adaptation to support UI, script, user manual, and EULA content.

Erica Mehallo:  “At the critical time in production when the countdown to ship is approaching, we venture into international markets and communicate across boundaries of language and culture to help our clients connect users across the globe through an authentic aural gaming experience”
Our leadership team hails from the top video game developers and publishers in the world. Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience creating content, strategizing pipelines, leading teams, and managing high profile properties end to end. By collaborating early in the pre-production process, we consult and provide creative direction with a multi-disciplinary focus. Having worked on titles across all platforms and with clients across the globe, we have honed a set of best practices that we apply to game audio pipelines effectively.

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