Scott Hecker Supervising Sound Editor Sound Designer
"What I enjoy the most about my craft is collaborating with filmmakers and honing in on each of their unique storytelling approach. It's all about focusing the audience's attention by the use of special sounds and methods of sonic expression. I love that there are no rules when it comes to sound editing and design. It's so much fun playing in the ‘sonic sandbox’ to develop the most flavorful environment possible, fun stuff."

Hecker’s introduction to sound occurred while he worked as a driver and apprentice at Angel Editorial (later Blue Light Sound). He spent 12 years establishing his career at Blue Light, and went on to work independently for a decade, furthering his knowledge and passion for the sound industry. Following stints at Todd-AO and Soundelux, he served as Director of Sound Editorial and Supervising Sound Editor/Designer for Universal Studios Editorial for another 12 years before joining Formosa Features in the fall of 2014.
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2016 MPSE Golden Reel Winner Mad Max: Fury Road Best Sound Editing: FX/Foley in a Feature Film 2016 BAFTA Nominee Mad Max: Fury Road Best Sound 2010 Golden Reel Nominee Watchmen Best Sound Editing, Sound Effects & Foley 2009 HPA Award Winner Watchmen Outstanding Audio Post 2003 Oscar Nominee Road To Perdition Best Sound Editing 2003 Golden Reel Winner Road To Perdition Best Sound Editing: Sound Effects & Foley 1991 Golden Reel Winner Total Recall Best Sound Editing