Per Hallberg Supervising Sound Editor
“Our job is to transport audiences into a different place and time. When we do our jobs well, not only do the viewers feel like they’re part of the movie, but we’ve also helped push their emotions along the way.”

A native of Sweden, Hallberg worked in the nightclub business, became a certified public accountant and eventually a math teacher. During a visit to Los Angeles, he met one of the founders of Soundelux. An invitation to join the company prompted Hallberg to spend several months learning about the different disciplines of the craft, including editing dialogue, sound effects, and Foley. He eventually accepted a paid position and began his career in post-production sound.

Early in his career, Hallberg met Karen Baker Landers. They worked well together and began a professional partnership that has spanned over 25 years. He often supervises films on his own, but Hallberg has been able to collaborate with Baker Landers on projects whenever possible. While three Academy Awards are a testament to his dedication and passion to his craft, he continues to feel inspired and challenged by the creative process of sound in film.
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2013 Oscar Winner Skyfall Best Achievement In Sound Editing 2008 Oscar Winner The Bourne Ultimatum Best Achievement In Sound Editing 2008 BAFTA Winner The Bourne Ultimatum Best Sound 2002 Golden Reel Winner Black Hawk Down Best Sound Editing, Effects & Foley. Dialog & ADR. 1998 Oscar Winner Braveheart Best Effects, Sound Editing