Michael J. Benavente Supervising Sound Editor
“I enjoy working with directors who realize how important sound can be to their audience’s ultimate experience in the theater. When a director feels the same joy as I do from a creative sound choice that works well, I know I’ve done my job…and that’s the ultimate satisfaction.”

Shortly after graduating from UCLA’s Film School, Benavente began working as an assistant sound editor in television. His first big screen credit arrived in 1984 via the raucous comedy D.C. Cab. He longed to work on feature films, and was fortunate enough to be hired by preeminent sound supervisors Mark Mangini, Stephen Flick, and Richard Anderson as their assistant. Benavente learned the craft and quickly rose through the ranks. In 1998, he received his first Supervising Sound Editor credits on the Fox releases Doctor Dolittle and There’s Something About Mary.

Benavente has supervised the sound on over 50 films, working with such diverse filmmakers as Phillip Noyce, Paul Verhoeven, Richard Linklater, Betty Thomas, Albert Brooks, Bennett Miller, Zach Braff, and Ivan Reitman. He is also highly regarded as one of the best Dialogue & ADR Supervisors in the industry. In 2015, he was awarded the Emmy for Best Sound Editing for a Movie for Television for the History Channel’s “Houdini.”
Select Credits
2016 Golden Reel Nominees “Tut – Part One: Power” Best Sound Editing TV Long Form – Dialogue & ADR; Sound Effects & Foley 2015 Emmy Award Winner “Houdini: Part 1” Outstanding Sound Editing for a Limited Series, Movie or a Special 2015 Golden Reel Winner “Houdini: Part 1” Best Sound Editing TV Long Form – Effects and Foley 2015 Golden Reel Nominee Whiplash Best Sound Editing, Dialogue and ADR 2015 Golden Reel Nominee “Houdini: Part 2” Best Sound Editing, Dialogue and ADR 2012 Golden Reel Nominee Moneyball Best Sound Editing, Dialogue and ADR 2008 Golden Reel Nominee Surf’s Up Best Sound Editing, Animation Feature 2003 Golden Reel Nominee Spider-Man Best Sound Editing, Sound Effects and Foley