Mark P. Stoeckinger Supervising Sound Editor Sound Designer
“Film sound is cinematography for the ears. We collaborate with filmmakers so their audio dreams can come true.“

A California native, Stoeckinger attended film school at the University of Southern California. He was drawn to post production as he discovered that so much of a film’s success is due to that part of the filmmaking process. Inspired by alumni such as Ben Burtt and Walter Murch, Stoeckinger embarked on a career in Motion Picture Sound upon his graduation. He began his career working independently at Blue Light Sound with Bob Rutledge, and later joined Soundelux. Now at Formosa Features, with nearly three decades of experience, Stoeckinger continues to leave his sonic footprint in some of today’s most notable films.
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2014 Golden Reel Nominee Iron Man 3 Best Sound Editing, Sound Effects And Foley 2013 Golden Reel Nominee Unstoppable Best Achievement In Sound Editing 2010 Oscar Nominee Star Trek Best Achievement In Sound Editing 2010 BAFTA Nominee Star Trek Best Sound