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Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant Tie for Top Awards at MPSE Golden Reel Awards

SOURCE:   DATE: February 27,2016   BY: Mary Ann Skweres


MPSE 2016_Mad Max_FX-Foley MPSE 2016_Revenant_FX-Foley

The 63rd Golden Reel Awards had a surprising finish when the voting for the final and most prestigious award of the night – best sound editing: feature English language FX/Foley – resulted in a unusual tie between Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant. There was also a tie for best sound editing & music: direct to video live action with sound crews from both All the Wilderness and 7 Minutes taking home trophies.

MPSE_Mad Max_Mark_Scott IMG_7013MPSE_Revenant_Lon IMG_7009

The annual celebration of the art of sound editing on Feb. 27 brought the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) out to a black-tie ceremony at the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Sound editors are usually heard, not seen, but the Golden Reel Awards were an opportunity to take to the spotlight and be recognized for audio excellence in 24 categories encompassing feature films, long-form and short-form television, animation, documentaries and other media.

In his opening address, outgoing president Frank Morrone revealed that this past year, sound was created for more than 400 television shows, 250 feature and 600 video games, a mammoth undertaking. He stated, “Tonight we honor not only nominees and winners, but the whole sound editing community, the men and women who work tirelessly to create the sonic landscapes we hear in cinemas, our home theaters, our tablets and our ear buds.” In accepting the reigns of the organization, new president Tom McCarthy committed to “innovation, diversification and growth.”



Best Sound Editing: Feature English Language FX/Foley (TIE)

Mad Max – Fury Road
Supervising Sound Editors: Mark Mangini, MPSE, Scott Hecker, MPSE, Wayne Pashley, MPSE
Supervising Foley Editor: Stuart Morton
Sound Designers: David White, Julian Slater
Foley Artists: John Simpson, Blair Slater
Sound Effects Editors: Fabian Sanjurjo, Cate Cahill, Chris Aud, Chuck Michael, Rick Lisle, Andrew Miller, Emma Mitchell, Alicia Slusarski, Mario Gabrielli, Nigel Christensen, Phil Barrie, Michael Mitchell, Jared Dwyer

The Revenant
Supervising Sound Editors: Martín Hernández, Randy Thom, MPSE, Lon Bender, MPSE
Sound Designer: Jon Title
Foley Supervisor: Geordy Sincavage
Additional Supervising Sound Editor: Todd Toon, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Mark Larry, Dino Dimuro, Adam Kopald, Pernell L. Salinas, Bill Dean, D. Chris Smith, MPSE, Hector Gika, David Mcmoyler, Stephen Robinson
Foley Editor: Nancy Maccleod, Ryan Wassil, Aran Tanchum
Foley Artists: Katy Rose, Gretc


Best Sound Editing & Music: Direct To Video Animation

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast
Supervising Sound Editor: Todd Toon, MPSE
Supervising Dialogue Editor: Thomas Whiting
Supervising Music Editor: Charles Martin Inouye
Sound Designers: Todd Toon, MPSE, Martyn Zub, MPSE
Foley Artists: John Roesch, Shelley Roden
Sound Effects Editors: Martyn Zub, MPSE, Adam Kopald, MPSE, Charles W. Ritter, Charlie Campagna, Pernell L. Salinas
Music Editor: Jim Harrison, Dominick Certo, Tommy Holmes


Best Sound Editing: TV Short Form FX/Foley

Game Of Thrones: Hardhome
Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
Sound Designer: Paula Fairfield
Supervising Foley Editor: Brett Voss
Foley Artists: Jeffrey Wilhoit, Dylan Wilhoit
Sound Effects Editor: Bradley Katona
Foley Editor: John Matter

Best Sound Editing: TV Short Form Dialogue/ADR

Game Of Thrones: Hardhome
Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
Supervising Dialogue Editor: Paul Bercovitch
Supervising ADR Editor: Tim Hands




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