Lon Bender Supervising Sound Editor Sound Designer Re-Recording Mixer
“I love what I do and over the years I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with many seasoned filmmakers, as well as directors just starting out. It is always exciting to realize their sonic vision, and guide them toward seeing how sound can create an intriguing and supportive landscape for the story they want to tell.”

Bender began his sound career on “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Prior to joining Formosa Features, he spent over thirty years at Soundelux. As a co-founder at 18, he and his partners built a community and support system that set the stage for artistic excellence that fostered many successful careers in the sound community. Bender won an Oscar for the Sound Effects Editing for “Braveheart” (shared with Formosa’s Per Hallberg). Bender received Oscar nominations for “Blood Diamond“ and “Drive” and was awarded a scientific and technical award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Advanced Data Encoding System.
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2016 Oscar Nominee The Revenant Best Sound Editing 2016 BAFTA Winner The Revenant Best Sound 2016 MPSE Winner The Revenant Best Sound Editing: FX/Foley in a Feature Film 2012 Oscar Nominee Drive Best Achievement In Sound Editing 2007 Oscar Nominee Blood Diamond Best Achievement In Sound Editing 2002 BAFTA Nominee Shrek Best Sound 1996 Oscar Winner Braveheart Best Effects, Sound Editing