Doug Hemphill Re-recording Mixer
“A friend once asked me an interesting question. If you could choose between a photo of your great, great-grandmother or a recording of her voice, which would you choose? Most people would choose the voice recording. That is one of the reasons I love sound so much. The other reason is that I really love working creatively with other people. There’s nothing like a room full of people creating something dramatic and engaging with sound.”

Doug Hemphill began his career in film as a Mix Recordist on “Apocalypse Now.” He continued working for Francis Coppola through the release of “Rumble Fish,” after which he moved to Southern California, where he did field recordings for “Gremlins.” Over the years, he’s enjoyed collaborating on a wide variety of films as a re-recording mixer, primarily mixing sound effects but also adept at mixing dialogue and music. Features include the “X-Men” series, “Walk the Line,” “Master and Commander,” “Life of Pi,” “Almost Famous,” and countless others. He has been honored with multiple BAFTAs, Cinema Audio Society awards, and Academy Award nominations, as well as an Oscar win for “Last of the Mohicans.” Originally from Texas, Hemphill’s first job mixing came from Willie Nelson on “Red Headed Stranger.” Nelson was involved in Farm Aid and knew Doug’s family had been farmers in Texas. He gave Doug his start mixing sound.
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2013 Oscar Nominee Life of Pi Best Achievement in Sound Mixing 2006 BAFTA Winner Walk the Line Best Sound 2006 Oscar Nominee Walk the Line Best Achievement in Sound Mixing 2001 BAFTA Winner Almost Famous Best Sound 1993 Oscar Winner The Last of the Mohicans Best Sound