Dave McMoyler Supervising Sound Editor Sound Designer
“The beauty of my role and challenge on each project is to help tell the story aurally in a way that’s never quite been heard before. I strive to maximize every opportunity by providing a palpable sense of place and undergirding the emotional tone for each scene.”

Dave McMoyler developed a keen ear for unique sound design while attending the film program at Humboldt State University. After graduating, he migrated to Southern California and worked as a writer, producer and editor of documentary films. A brief stint at a television sound editorial company stoked his passion for post audio; he then made it a goal to master all aspects of sound design and editing. In 1991, he began a 24-year association with Soundelux, a period of growth and achievement for which he is extremely grateful. Moving to Formosa Features was like coming home, as he has worked with many of the firm’s artists throughout the past 20 years.
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2016 Golden Reel Winner The Revenant Best Sound Editing, Sound Effects, Foley, Dialog, & ADR 2009 Golden Reel Nominee Hellboy II. The Golden Army Best Sound Editing, Sound Effects, Foley, Dialog, & ADR 2006 HPA Award Winner Flight Plan Outstanding Audio Post 2006 Golen Reel Nominee The Island Best Sound Editing: Sound Effects & Foley 1999 Oscar Nominee The Mask Of Zorro Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing