Bryan Parker Supervising Sound Editor Sound Designer
"Applying sound to serve a director's vision is my favorite aspect of working in post production; it is a process of exploring what they find important and what they want their audience to know or to feel along the way. As a storytelling tool, sound can work by either hinting at or showing directly what the filmmaker is trying to convey, whether it's a fact or a feeling. As a Supervising Sound Editor, I get to present a different dimension than the visual frame they have been working in for months, and push it further."

Bryan Parker has worked in storytelling since his first job at the age of 14, running sound and lights for a theater in his hometown in Ohio. With a drive for seeking out elegant solutions under ever-changing constraints, he worked in live sound reinforcement and recorded bands through college. He was then presented with a new challenge and offered an opportunity to enter the realm of sound for picture in Los Angeles. Bryan has worked in both broadcast and features, coming up at first through the fast-paced world of nonfiction television and then on to more creative film projects. For over 10 years he has customized his approach and workflow to each project's unique needs. He is especially interested in the musicality and nuance of human speech, in the expressive power of different vehicle engines and in the way background sounds shape emotion and steer expectation.

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