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Bringing Dolby Atmos to the Home via Blu-ray

SOURCE: postPerspective   DATE: February 20, 2015   BY: Mel Lambert

Formosa’s Tim Hoogenakker walks us through his re-mastering process
By Mel Lambert

There is no denying that Dolby Atmos immersive soundtracks have added an extra allure for cinema audiences – as evidenced by the enhanced success of action movies at the box office – but, until very recently, it was an experience reserved for your local multiplex. All of that is to change with the availability of Atmos-capable receivers from a number of leading vendors, including Denon, Marantz, Onya, Yamaha and Pioneer, and an offering of new Blu-ray discs with Atmos soundtracks….

To find out more about the Atmos Home re-mastering process, we spoke with Tim Hoogenakker…

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